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Our dear customer… Our goal is to provide you with outstanding service and we always seek to provide the best in accordance with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

  1. Terms and conditions of the website user (customer or client):
  • Your use of the (Tafayat.com) site means your full consent to all the terms and conditions contained in the site and all pages and links linked to the site and that you agree that you have read, understood and agreed on the terms and conditions contained below.
  • The administration of the (Tafayat.com) site reserves the right to modify, change or update any of these Terms and conditions at any time and such modifications, changes or updates are binding on the user automatically and in a timely manner.
  • The site is only allowed for those over 18 years of age, and the site has the right to cancel any account or ban any subscriber who has not reached 18 years.
  • It is prevented to create more than one account by the same user on the site.
  • The administration of the (Tafayat.com) site reserves the right to prevent you from accessing the site as deemed by the site administration.
  • The client ensures that all information and data he adds to his account are true and fully valid, and assumes full responsibility for any false information he adds.
  • The site administration has the right to request any documents (personal or legal) relating to proving the identity of the client as determined by the site administration.

The client is obliged to send all documents (personal or legal) requested by the site administration upon request.

  • The Site administration is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of customer accounts and contact details and they are disclosed only for necessity and in accordance with the law.
  • The administration of the (Tafayat.com) site reserves the right to make any modifications to the site.


  • All contents of the (Tafayat.com) website (data, photos, designs, software…. Etc.) are exclusive intellectual property of the owner of the site and constitute rights protected under the applicable legal regulations, and you are not entitled to use the site contents (data, images, designs, software…. Etc.) without prior approval.
  • By agreeing on the terms and conditions of the site, you agree to receive and accept emails.
  • In accordance with these terms and conditions, the customer shall not use the site or its services in any act or activity of any kind that constitutes a violation of the law and order, or may constitutes a legal or regulatory breach of any applicable law in the State, or a violation of the others’ rights, and in case of the infringement, only the client shall bear all the resulting damages.
  • The client is obliged not to request any services from the site that include the posting of defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, abusive or illegal material or information.
  • The site user is obligated to use the services of the (Tafayat.com) site in a correct manner and for the purposes permitted by law, and the client bears sole responsibility for the errors that he commits after the delivery of the site services.
  • In the event that these terms and conditions are not adhered to, the site administration may warn the client not to violate the terms and conditions.
  • The client must abide by all copyright notices, trademark rules, and restrictions contained in any content accessed through the website, except as expressly permitted in these terms.


  • The client undertakes not to use, modify, translate, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, offer, license, exploit for any purposes, or sell any content or any proprietary rights or trademarks in contravention of the law.
  • Your responsibility as user of the site is to review the terms and conditions periodically to see the amendments.
  • You acknowledge and agree not to use our web site in a manner that violates national and international laws.
  • In the event that any provision of the terms and conditions is deemed invalid, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected and the remaining terms and conditions will remain valid.
  • If you object to any of these terms and conditions, or any subsequent changes to them in any way, the only means available to you is to immediately stop accessing to this website or using its services.
  • The site is not responsible for the spelling errors that are committed by the client.
  • The customer is obligated to determine all the requirements and points for the required work and based on which the price and time of execution are determined and the (Tafayat.com) site commits to implement all the requirements mentioned.
  • The site is considered a broker for a fee imposed on the merchant.
  • The delivery of purchases is within 24 hours to the registered address.


  1. Use Policy:
  • Your use of the site means that you agree on the use policy of the website unconditionally, and the site administration reserves the right to modify, change or update the use policy at any time and such modifications, changes or updates are binding on you automatically and in a timely manner once published.
  • You agree to allow and give legal authority to the administration of the (Tafayat.com) site and thus:
  • The collection, use and transfer of your information is in accordance with the site policy, and your personal information will only be available to the administration and its employees whose work requires access to such information and data to provide support services to the customers and the site.
  • You agree to allow the administration, after your registration on the site, to automatically record and save your data.
  • You agree to grant the administration the full right to dispose of your data.
  • You give the administration the right to keep your data for the required duration that you deem appropriate for the purpose for which the data was collected.
  • This right applies to all types of information.
  • You agree to allow the administration of the (Tafayat.com) site to use your data for advertising and marketing purposes.


  1. Return, replacement and data change policy:
  • After payment, any data on the invoice of any product will not be altered, as the transaction is dependent on them in General Department of Fire and to ensure the credibility and not to tamper with the invoices.






  1. We do not disclose personal information and data outside the site except in one of the following cases:
  • Comply with any applicable law, legal action or enforceable government request.
  • Discover phishing, site technical issues, site-related security issues, or other processes of handling them.
  • Protection against damage to the rights, property or safety of the site and its users or as required by law.
  • We seek to provide the best security and protection methods for the system, by working with trusted people to handle information.
  • We make backups periodically in safe places to maintain information.
  • If your account is lost or stolen, you should immediately contact via the official email.

The (www.Tafayat.com) site may contain (sometimes) links to other sites or applications, however, once you use these links, you should know that we have no control over these sites or applications and therefore we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of the information you provide during your time on these sites, and the site is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exceptional damages that come from your visit or use.


  1. Applicable law:
  • Any dispute, legal or judicial claim arising out of or relating to the (Tafayat.com) website or its services shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Kuwait only.
  • Any dispute concerning the terms and conditions of the site and its interpretation or execution shall be vested in the courts of Kuwait only.
  • You agree and accept that any judicial claims or proceedings must be brought before the courts of Kuwait and that you expressly waive any objection to the jurisdiction or territoriality.
  • If the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the return policy are translated into any language other than Arabic, the Arabic text remains the primary reference.
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