Tafayat.com website is an idea of Kuwaiti youth and is considered the first site of its kind in Kuwait. It is specialized in providing fire extinguishers and fire protection and safety equipment and their accessories both at work and at home or wherever you are.

By online shopping on Tafayat.com, You can now find everything you want from the fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment and their accessories to provide a safer life for you and your family.

We also provide the best types of fire extinguishers and their accessories from reliable and certified companies from the General Department of Fire with high quality and at competitive prices, and we are pleased, through our website, to provide you with assistance and contribute to your acquisition of fire extinguishers and their accessories, inspection and refilling to issue fire license through the easiest and the best possible ways.

  • Why Tafayat.com?
    com makes facilitates the task of searching and selection of what you need and the delivery while you are in your location.
  • A Website designed for ease of use.
  • Efficient, simple and easy to order process.
  • It protects you from traffic congestion and saves your time and effort.
  • The payment is by credit card.
  • Immediate Receive of the invoice via email.
  • Contact customer service to provide the best service on the direct number/ 22204949


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